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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Splints are a nifty post-rock band with a punk attitude, their sounds are weird and abstract and not for your every day rock and roller. Instead the introverted and oftentimes harsh music of Splints is for the pure punk, someone who appreciates the bleak realities painted by this bands music. While not easily digestible their seem to be some wonderful truths hidden beneath the bands layers of distortion and melancholy. An example of this is on their song Orienteering which features the lines "Real as my morality. causality. casually, there's this lie i make to pull my insides from the skin I hate." The howls have a real desperation to them and make the songs especially mournful. In short, Splints paint a world in black and white, with simple songwriting and a strange beauty this is not a band for the everyman. Moreover it is a band for someone who, as their EP puts it is Getting Better At People. What I'm trying to say is, sometimes its better if we leave behind the finely polished worlds of classy music and just go out and make some desperately beautiful art.

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