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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dark Season


Well then, here is a ripping thrash band to start off your day! A group who are unabashedly heavy and with every song storm closer to heavy metal nirvana Dark Season have been doing there think since 2002. And I must say, after 11 years of playing these guys have got quite the sound together. Since 2011 the groups line up has finally stabilized and it seems like they will really be able to get going soon. Fortunately the rest of their sound is sufficiently polished that these guys have their own unique approach to extreme metal. In their music there are tastes of thrash, death and even Venom-tinged black metal. Filled with flashy solos and heavy riffs that often emphasize melody their is a lot to latch on to with Dark Seasons music, be you a modern metal enthusiast or a thrash purist. In conclusion, this is one of the most exciting and explosive bands that I have heard coming out of Italy in a while, the future should be bright for these Bolzano natives.

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