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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tempest Rising-Calm Before the Storm

Now here is an interesting treat, a four song metal EP that combines a variety of genres without actually ascribing to any one in particular. What makes this record so fascinating, is that not only does it just create pure metal mayhem without fitting into a subgenre, but the musicians are all extremely talented with great vocals, stellar guitar parts and some simply magnificent songwriting. Add in a band who show themselves to be a ragtag group of misfits and you start to realize how special and unique Tempest Rising's new release Calm Before the Storm truly is.

One of the most interesting aspects of this record is the way the band plays with light and dark, with heavy hitting monster riffs and gentle acoustic parts. The best part is, I don't really prefer one to the other because they are both simply awesome! How many other bands can you say that about? ow many other bands not only showcase a variety of sounds but also excel in all of them? That ladies and gentlemen is how you tell a band is special, not only can they create a diverse sound that is constantly engaging, but in their diversity they have no real weak spots! The generally progressive songwriting is part of what makes the whole thing I think, it makes itself especially clear on the slow glorious ascension of the track No Remorse.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a band of innovative geniuses who will not let themselves be constrained in any shape or form then search no more. the beautiful and free sound of Tempest Rising is exactly what you've been searching for, a band who embrace their individuality and use it to create a metal sound that refuses to be cast aside. One of the best modern metal acts that I have heard in a long time the sheer innovation of this group has the potential to really go place. Who knows what the holds future for a band with chops like these guys?

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