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Monday, September 16, 2013

Michel Anoia

Michel Anoia cover art

Oh violence, what a wonderful genre, plain, ferocious, and proudly stupid, what more could you ask for from a group of three guys like Michel Anoia? Their instrumental attack is wholly unique and their 30 minute instrumental debut track, which is actually just the recording of a set, is incredibly.. well.. violent. Sure there is the occasional yell for flavor but the fast majority of this bands music is incredibly fast jazz fusion fills mixed in with brutal riffs that simply won't apologize. The way these guys blast forward without a single regard for any of their surroundings is impressive to me. Rare is the band who can really create something that has this kind of raw explosive might. I mean really, these guys are incredibly talented and they charge forward in a way that is gloriously triumphant. There is literally nothing wrong with their record. Even though it might have a limited fan base the raw attack can not be denied. These guys have a power all of their own and I am excited to hear where it will go in the future. If their record can be this violent imagine how powerful they must be live?

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