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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Northwind Wolves

Northwind Wolves

Northwind Wolves provide a rare treat for the listener, death metal that reeks of 1980s shred and Paganini. I think I can honestly say that until today I had never heard a death metal record that would have fit on Shrapnel Records, yet here we are. Northwind Wolves new record Astronomy is a ferociously delivered hunk of the purest death metal infused with technical chops that are to die for. In fact the Paganini inspired bits add a certain brightness to the sound and only make things that much more brutal. The thing is, Northwind Wolves are fun to listen too and their crazed riffs are just explosive and fiery. The lyricso n the record are pretty excellent too, lines like 'What we shared had come to pass/What was so strong, could break like glass/With that glass , you say goodbye/so take my hand and prepare to die...' abound and communicate a certain desperation on the part of the listener. In conclusion, if you're looking for a death metal record that does something fresh and exciting with their sound, then come check out Northwind Wolves!

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