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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Reckoning-Hell Kisses the Earth

The Reckoning is a heavy metal band of the purest degree, a band who aspire to match the tunes of Megadeth and Metallica, without imitation but a crafting of their own individual brand of rather progressive thrash tinged metal. Their new record Hell Kisses the Earth is a testament to the undying power that metal will have. With glorious songwriting and a generally triumphant atmosphere Hell Kisses the Earth takes no prisoners and stampedes on its way to victory. The product of a group of stellar musicians with a clear artistic vision, The Reckoning show a lot of promise.

A large part of what makes this record so excellent is how brilliantly executed so much of it is. First off are the vocals, they have a solid delivery and this guy can really belt it. Meanwhile the guitar parts are delivered with aplomb. While some of the songs may seem a tad long (and it is true that some should maybe be shortened) the vast majority are padded out by some excellent solos that showcase all of the magic that this kind of heavy metal can really have. Hell Kisses the Earth finds its strength in the sheer power that the songs are dealt with and the beautiful polish of the production.

In conclusion, this is a record that understands what heavy metal is supposed to be and has a lot of cool and fun ideas that blast through your skull. Fiery and passionate the future seems like it could hold some glorious triumphs for this young and ambitious band.  While some of the tracks can be tightened up and shortened the production is simply great. It showcases the raw potential that The Reckoning have. Passionate and clearly driven Hell Kisses the Earth is a solid debut from a young band who look to take the world by storm. I for one am only hoping to tag a long for the ride!

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