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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Barbarian Prophecies-XIII

Roaring death metal with a couple of black metal frills? Yes, yes and what's this? yes again! Barbarian Prophecies are the latest death metal geniuses to rise up from Spain with an incredible bloodthirst and a desire to crush skulls across the globe. A record that is notable for its sheer variety and unforgiving and wholly brutal attack Barbarian Prophecies debut is bone grinding and powerful, a testament to the undying power that death metal has. There new record XIII although not creatively titled, is definitely worth many a spin from any pvre metaller.

As I mentioned before, the variety on this record is very cool. Not only is there a great mix of death metal parts with black metal bits. (Although the death metal tends to far exceed the black metal) There are also some cool combinations of death metal styles. Sometimes Barbarian Prophecies do their own thing, at others they let more Carcass or even Atheist shine through to give their sound a bit more bombast. Regardless everything on this record is delivered with incredible ferocity, showcasing the musical might of Barbarian Prophecies. In some way it makes sense that these guys are as good as they are, they've been around since 2000! They certainly have had a lot of time, and releases, with which to hone their craft. 

In conclusion, Barbarian Prophecies are a powerful death metal band whose huge, overarching sound, will bear down on you and slowly smash you to a pulp. The majesty and magic that death metal is known for having is seen throughout this record and Barbarian Prophecies revel in it. XIII is tight and brutal, maybe it is not always super innovative but any long time death metal fan will easily fall in love with the chaotic might of the band. This group knows what they want to do and how to do it, the only question now is what does the future hold for these Spanish metal masters?

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