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Friday, October 11, 2013

No Dawn-Dark Aura

No Dawn is a destructive death metal band, but not just any death metal band. They are a group who are bombastic, passionate and powerful with a symphonic and meaningful sound that seeks to transcend the common limits of the genre. Their new record Dark Aura shows all of the potential and might that death metal can have when pushed beyond the stereotypical boundaries. The aggressive yet easily graspable melodies found throughout this record showcase a band who know what they are doing and more importantly, how to do it.

One of my personal favorite aspects of this album is the epic soundscapes the band crafts, be it in their occasional guitar synths or their destructive growls these guys create majesty and then tear it all apart, death metal for the twenty first century. Suffice to say, these Norwegians create some powerful sounds that tear faces open and bite out throats. The riffs are ferocious and biting, these tracks drive right into your soul and reflect the eternal power of death metal. Their is a real desperation and hatred here that reaches out and mutilates the soul with its unapologetic hatred. Songs like God Ov Torment show the bands ideologies and they come across as most triumphant.

In conclusion, Dark Aura is a dominating death metal record that will grind your bones to dust with every new driving riff. The guitar parts are simply unforgiving and violent, they understand what it is to make death metal and then destroy paradigms. The occasional use of synths helps the band bring their music to a whole new level of death metal majesty. These ten tracks represent all of the might that modern metal can have, and then turns it up to eleven. If you want a record that will blast your brains to a pulp as it creates unholy soundscapes then the new record for No Dawn is the album for you!

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