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Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Betrayer's Judgement-Philosopher

What's this? A metalcore record that is not only good, but also non clichéd and strangely magical? I kid you not, the new EP from The Betrayer's Judgement is all of that and more. With Philosopher this band take the listener on a musical journey replete with epic suites and powerful riffs, showcasing a band who get how to write strong metalcore songs and melodies that sweep the listener off their feet. Unique and actually kind of beautiful Philosopher gives a nice little glimpse into the minds of some of modern day metalcore's most interesting and explosive artists.

One of the interesting things about this latest masterpiece from the French scene is the way The Betrayer's Judgement put a lot of technical aspects into their music but still make it accessible for the more casual listener. Meanwhile, the cleans are well done, and though while they are well within the metalcore style I think they give an appropriate flavor to the music. They definitely keep things interesting at least. The end result of all of this is a metalcore EP that most trve metalheads would enjoy. Sure the cleans might distract some, but you can not deny the excellent musicianship and songwriting talent that is so clearly prevalent throughout much of Philosopher.

In short, these five songs (And a remix) are actually pretty fantastic. Sure they might not be in my genre of choice, but there is just so much raw good here that you are almost forced to acknowledge the musical dominance of The Betrayer's Judgement. I'd even go so far as to say, these guys are almost the Revocation of the metalcore scene. Their djent inflected brand of metalcore is magical and often reaches out to the soul, even of a hardened old metaller like me. So, if you want some metalcore that transcends the genre with a powerful and poignant sound than come check out Philosopher.

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