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Friday, November 8, 2013



Heavy metal with attitude (and an umlaut) Bleed represents destructive metal that serves as a sort of ideological descendant of Motorhead. Tough, loud, and proud of their sound Bleed are here to make your ears well... bleed with music that is brash and crude, the kind of thing that will punish you until you genuflect in acknowledgement of the awesomeness that is this band. Bleeds sound is impressive just because it is so crazy and passionate. These guys know what they want to do and they embrace it. This is the kind of rock and roll anarchy that so many bands have forgotten in recent years. Bleed play with an unholy energy that few of their contemporaries can match. With a name that is as blunt and aggressive as their sound I could see big things happening for this band. Sure their music can be a bit muddy now, but that's the point! The grit of bleed provides their magic and I for one can not wait to hear these guys release a full length record, the madness that will ensue should be legendary.

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  1. I personally know 2 of these band members and both have so much dedication to the true roots of metal and what they do. Keep it real guys Im so proud of you all.