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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Corpsessed-Abysmal Thresholds

Corpsessed is a raging death metal group whose new record Abysmal Thresholds is something of a wonderful death metal abomination. With tracks like Trepanation and Necrosophic Channelingg (What is that even supposed to mean?) these guys know what it is to write some brutal and unforgiving tunes. With a great understanding of songwriting and riffing, Corpsessesd go for the throat, taking no prisoners and allowing no quarter. This is death metal, evil, destructive and rife with lyrics that will crush your brains.

The sheer aggression found throughout this record is wonderful. As opposed to many of their contemporaries Corpsessed consciously change tempo and it allows for more varied and interesting music, making the brutality more poignant. One complaint I do have though is that the vocals are turned down far too low, I would like to hear them a bit better in the mix, I think that it would make the sound less muddy and develop the attack. As a whole though, the sheer force with whichthis band charges ahead is impressive and therein lies the true might of Abysmal Thresholds the raging darkness that fuels the entire record.

So, if you want a death metal record that gets it, that you can turn up and have smash your skull to pieces then this is very much the album for you. Sure, Corpsessed need to polish the mix a bit and develop the vocal attack, but there is no concealing the fact that this is one solid death metal group. With a wonderful sense of groove and an attack that is often to die for I could see these guys quickly evolving and getting bigger. And hey, after a while, the low mixed vocals actually have a bit of an endearing quality. So get out there and watch the hair go flying, Abysmal Thresholds is a very promising death metal debut.

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