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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Djinn and Miskatonic-Forever in the Realm

Forever in the Realm cover art

Today I bring you even more glorious Indian metal in the form of Djinn and Miskatonic, a doom metal band from Bangalore. This four piece is intimidating and powerful in its scope, roaring over the head of the unwary listener. A band who are clearly Sabbath worshippers the riff has power above all in Djinn amd Miskatonics music. Nowhere is this more clear than on their debut full length Forever in the Realm. Trudging along at a snails pace the demonic sounds of Djinn and Miskatonic will capture the heart of any doomeister, these guys understand what is to riff and are proud of it.

I'll be honest, the thing that makes this record worth listening too is the riffs, and I'm pretty sure that's the point. The way the guitar drives the music forward with Iommi derived rituals from the crypt is impressive. Meanwhile the mix of bass and drums gets incredibly close to the old school Black Sabbath swing attack (Which is a compliment of the highest order!). A few more modern elements are mixed in though, and frankly, that's okay as it helps to keep things interesting. The vocals are as a rule well executed, but their are a few moments where I feel they could be polished more. Yet it all adds to the grit and magic that helps to make Forever in the Realm so credible and distinctly powerful.

So, if you want metal for the tortured soul, metal that gets to the spirit of genre and forces your body to convulse into an unholy and dark motion then this is the record for you. Few record manage to invoke eldritch power in the way that Forever in the Realm does. It comes at a few centimeters an hour, tearing your body apart, inch by screaming inch. This is doom metal for the dark masses of Walpurgis Nacht, heavy and down to earth, so you doom metal legions, come force, rise up and embrace the glorious darkness that Djinn and Miskatonic seek to deliver unto you.

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