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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Not a lot of death metal bands give everything for brutality these days, and it makes sense, things are evolving and moving on. But every once in a while I find a brutal death metal band who are unabashedly evil, destructive, and bone crunching. And you know what, I love these kinds of bands. Blasting ahead with little regard for others Annihlation are, quite simply, here to annihilate you. Not a lot of death metal bands have this sheer harsh brutality. Their is something gloriously primal about Annihilations sound, the way it comes out of nowhere and tears your throat out, now that is what metal should be about. One of my favorite aspects of this is actually the production, it allows the bass to shine and gives the entire thing an extra dose of heaviness, adding a lot to the general quality of the music. In other words, their new record, Against the Storm is a truly wonderful release that anyone with a love for the heavy stuff will enjoy. For those of you who dig all that is brutal and evil I say to you come on in, the blood is fine.

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