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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Karmatik is a melodic death metal band from Quebec who bring a lot to the table and bring their A-game with every song. Their debut release Humani-T is a great effort, showcasing the might of the Quebec metal scene. Suffice to say, melodeath lovers across the globe should find it easy to enjoy the heavy grooves of Karmatik. Yet these guys often go beyond the melodeath genre, there are progressive elements here that can not be ignored, the longer songs are pften very engaging, if a bit choppy, yet they drive the whole thing to new levels of metal magic. One of the other highlights of the record for me is the mix of French and English lyrics, at once acknowledging their Quebecois heritage and having some mainstream appeal, and French is just a great language for death metal, so that adds to the mastery of Humani-T as well. These guys are bringing something brutal and new to the often stagnant world of melodic death metal and as they smooth out the rough patches in their sound and develop on their delivery Karmatik could go far.

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