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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Manhattan Coast-This One's for You

Regular readers know the drill, Matt tries to be a hoary old metal dude, but he has a soft spot for fun loving pop punk, it happens. Manhattan Coast have the kind of lighthearted pop punk sound that takes me back to the land of my childhood. Their newest EP This One's for You is five songs of tight rock and roll vibes with strong progressions, excellent tension and a generally fun attitude found throughout. Manhattan Coast understand the beauty and joy of the pop punk genre and infuse it with a certain innocence that proves the genre will never die.

One of the most impressive things about Manhattan Coast is the way that they generate an impressive wall of sound. Their is a sort of huge power behind tracks like Monsoon Season in Machine City that is truly indicative of the magic of the genre. Another aspect of the record I really like is the way that melodic lead lines are established, running under the main riff and helping to give a wonderfully layered feel to the music. These layers eventually come together to make for some very catchy music. Since my first listen I've been humming these songs everywhere I go. This One's for You grasps the true beauty of the music and shows that this Welsh quartet have the know how to write the songs that could define a generation.

Hooky and passionate this is the sort of pop punk that captures my heart. There's not much more to be said other than raise your hands into the air and prepare for some high powered punk fun. Sure these dudes might not be making grim and evil black metal, but there is another sort of beauty that can be found in the music. Manhattan Coast have a glory all of their own and nowhere is this more clear than on This One's for You. Don't leave Manhattan Coast by the wayside, they are coming up fast and soon their will be no escape from the groups pop punk mastery.

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