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Sunday, February 23, 2014



Aramite is a powerful and inspiring metal band from Texas with a sound that fuses the music of masters into a unique and surprisingly satisfying whole. Starting off with their eight minute long epic Through Hell and Back it is immediately clear that not only are Aramite gifted songwriters, they are also bringing forth exciting new sounds to metal fans everywhere. There is some seriously cool songwriting going into the Aramite sound, they have a very unique vibe defined by cascading guitars, trudging bass, and a dedication to all things metal that is impressive. I would like to place a special emphasis on the power of the vocals, this guy can really rip it and this helps to make Aramite more exciting. Too many modern metal bands are fronted by dudes who can't really sing, Aramite prove to be the exception. It fits nicely on top of their layered and beautiful guitar parts showcasing the magic and sheer power that heavy metal has as a genre. Aramite are bringing forth some really cool ideas and they seem to be making a big splash on their local scene, let's see if they can parlay this into greater success down the road!

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