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Monday, February 24, 2014

Dread Sovereign-All Hell's Martyrs

I haven't had a good doom metal record to review in months, and All Hell's Martyrs is exactly the panacea I needed. Inverted, unholy, and willing to distort any traditional role for mankind, this is doom metal for the modern man, trudging and slow, reflective of the occult darkness that defines our everyday existence. There is no escape from this bizarre and twisted universe and Dread Sovereign are aware of that. Suffice to say, All Hell's Martyrs is one of the most diverse and simply gosh darned interesting doom metal records I've heard in a good long while.

This record has an interesting habit of sticking short ambient tracks in between longer doom epics. This helps to give the entire thing a stretched out and rather ethereal feel. The tracks that provide spacing help to keep things engaging, giving a sort of aural relief in between gigantic riffs and skull crushing bass lines. Furthermore, the use of diverse vocal styles is really cool. While on some tracks you have pitched Ozzy Osbourne inspired yells, others show growls, or lower pitched cleans. This helps to add a layer of chaos to an already distorted soundscape. The sounds crafted on tracks like Thirteen Clergy are not to be taken lightly, the murky lands that Dread Sovereign paint with their music represent the bleak realities of modern life.

All Hell's Martyrs may be doom metal for the modern man, but it is certainly not for a common one. To full appreciate the messages and the power behind this latest release from Dread Sovereign you need to be ready to face the true terror of your existence. All Hell's Martyrs has an almost spiritual effect on the listener, opening up your heart with a knife. Tearing it out and showing it to the world. This is not just a doom metal record, this is a statement, there is no escape from the plodding attack of Dread Sovereign so give up and let the doom take over your soul.

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