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Friday, February 7, 2014

Johnny Wore Black-Walking Underwater

Johnny Wore Black is a unique sort of alternative rock band who combine a variety of elements, electronic and otherwise to get a sound that is unique, passionate, and strangely powerful. Their is a mystical sort of beauty to their new record Walking Underwater. Their is a certain dark melancholy to Johnny Wore Blacks sound that allows them to communicate grim and sorrowful messages in a way that is easily accessible to masses of music fans across the globe. Not a metal record by any stretch of the imagination, nevertheless Walking Underwater is the sort of record that captures the heart.

What you have to understand Walking Underwater is filled to the brim with a lot of interesting ideas that give a lot of flavor to the record. One of the key examples of this is in the sampling of different voices that comes before many of the tracks. In most cases this provides a fitting introduction to Johnny Wore Black's diverse masterworks. In fact, on some level it reminds me of Steve Vai's classic For the Love of God. Otherwise the songwriting is wonderful, filled with dark chords and melancholic choruses. Their is an incredible sorrow here that is contrasted with an impressive and beautiful hope. Johnny Wore Black are rubbing their souls against ours and achieving brilliant results.

So where does this leave us? What sort of strange creating is this, a record that uses grim and often bleak realities to paint a picture of a world that has left us filled with bitter disappointment. Yet even then, Johnny Wore Black seem to have a positive message. Their strange electronic passages give a lot of flavor to the music and show a way out from this harsh reality. Johnny Wore Black have found a strange and beautiful escape, and they want to take you along for the ride. All I can say now, is join the bandwagon before the band gets even bigger!

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