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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wild Lettuce

I first covered Wild Lettuce a LONG time ago back in the good old days of this blog, now they've asked me to write about them again, and by Thor have they developed. I always new Wild Lettuce had some truly stellar musicians in its ranks, but now the bands unique brand of world music inspired jazz fusion is just getting ridiculous. When you hear the band jam through some of their new tracks in live recordings you realize that Wild Lettuce are onto something bigger and better than mere jazz fusion. These are musical geniuses who are crafting a brave new world, with epic and diverse soundscapes that are easy to fall in love with. Technical but not obnoxious, I could see Wild Lettuce getting huge, simply because they are the kidn of band who can wow you from a stage or merely set up in the corned of a crowded cafe. Brilliant without being overwhelming Wild Lettuce are one of the most exciting things happening in jazz today. To finish let me just say, anyone who plays an Iron Maiden medley as cool as theirs deserves respect in my book, and if nothing else, they could become the worlds coolest jazz fusion metal band.

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