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Saturday, April 19, 2014


Herons are beautiful, mystical creatures, often associated with all sorts of wonderful things in pagan mythology, and above all with a certain beautiful elegance. Evenoire see to understand that and communicate it with their new record, appropriately titled Herons. While this may not be genre breaking or paradigm shifting, Herons certainly proves Evenoire to be talented musicians and skilled songwriters with some interesting ideas on how to bring their sound to the next level. Mysterious and passionate, this is what female fronted symphonic metal should be about.

One of my favorite aspects of Herons is the way that the band mixes in the occasional folk melody to the sound. The flute playing in particular adds a lot of flavor to tracks like When the Sun Sets. This is something that not a lot of their peers can claim, in fact, it reminds me a bit of Midnattsol. I also like the wonderful piano parts whose tinkling melodies and soaring atmospherics add a lot of flavor to the pieces. Add in some chunky riffs that are often in 5/4 and you start to find yourself in a mystical place, enamored with a sound that simply gets more complex as you dig deeper into it. This is the kind of thing that proves the eternal magic behind Herons.

To finish, if you want symphonic metal fronted by a veritable dark angel, you have come to the right place. Evenoire know how to compose some very tight melodic metal that explores some fresh new ideas while staying within the maxims of the genre. I think that with a bit more development of their folk side these guys could really start to do something special. As for now, let these five Italians swoop you up in their arms and carry you off to the stars. Herons is a pleasure to listen too and it leaves the listener in thrall, begging for more.

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