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Monday, April 21, 2014

Human Fate-The Reissue

I was introduced to Human Fate when I got the chance to see them live back in August, I was immediately struck by the unique way in which they mixed world music into their unique take on death metal. With a special emphasis placed on dynamics, these guys make music that you find yourself lost in, unable to escape from, a thrall to the eternal might of this group. Their new record The Reissue is simply jaw dropping, all encompassing in scope and filled with the sort of exciting ideas that get at the spirit and the true power of Human Fate, not just as a band, but as a mindset.

On this record we are treated to a variety of exciting sounds, but there seems to be a special emphasis on West African musical traditions, this is obvious even just from the introductory track 2500 Days. Furthermore, Human Fate have a wonderful understanding of what makes them so unique, and they play upon it. Sure, you can draw comparisons to things like Sepultura's classic Roots album, but even here, Human Fate go further down the line, really embracing these ancient musical cultures and finding where they fit within the mysterious and twisted world of death metal. This is what makes Human Fate so special, they are pushing a boundary that almost no one else has even acknowledged.

The Reissue is a powerful musical statement, the sort of album that gets to the spirit of what avant garde metal should be about, rapidly evolving and taking the world by storm. Though this is only there first album, the sound is surprisingly mature, replete with all manner of exciting and inspiring ideas, it has a new atmosphere and brings some really cool things to the table. This is the kind of metal the world needs more of, music that defies the rules and gives us new expectations for what metal can be. Human Fate are creating a brave new world, and their reverse colonialism and radical leftist message could very well be our saving crisis.

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