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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Eastern Europe has long been a spawning ground for some wonderfully evil death metal. The blazing attack of Infest on their new record, Cold Blood War proves to be no exception to that rule. These guys have just the right mix of thrash metal madness and Eastern European desperation to get a sound that roars out of the gate and gouges the throat. On top of that, Infest have a great understanding of what it means to riff. Their attack is unique and unmatched in terms of raw evil. The delivery is incredible powerful and has a certain rage behind it that defines some of the best thrash and death metal vocalists. The unrelenting attack is also strangely cathartic, even though we find no relief in Cold Blood War we might just find ascension. Infest is chaos embodied, a sort of tribute to all of the darkness that came before. Not a lot of bands have the sheer mosh pit inspiring destruction of Infest and as they swarm over your heart you will find that there is no escape from the true death metal apocalypse.

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