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Friday, April 11, 2014


Rotting originally came out in 1989, the first major release that came out from Sarcofago after their reformation. This EP has been viewed as a classic for years, and so now getting the chance to review it before it's rereleased on Greyhaze Records is truly an honor. This is the kind of black metal album that represents the eternal magic of the South American scene, this is what true black metal is about, ultimate evil and nihilistic, evil and powerful, the sort of triumph that tears at your hair and eviscerates the listener, ultra destruction for the satanic hordes.

Rotting represents all of the magic of Sarcofago and is something of a triumph. The evil destruction of Sarcofago is decimating, from the whiny keyboards to the eternal and screeching evil of Wagner Antichrist's vocals. His almighty screams on some of these songs is incredible, it touches the heart in a way that few of their contemporaries ever could. Their is something about the music here that I can't really define, an atavistic black metal triumph, speaking to the might of the old school. I love how primally brutal this record is, it gets at something beautiful, reaching beyond the limitation of the crappy production and lo fi recording techniques, getting at the brutal magic of the underground.

As you delve deeper into Rotting you will uncover a record that transcends everything that seemed to be holding Sarcofago back. After their reformation, they were able to rise up, a group of four satanic brothers, dedicated to all encompassing evil and might. This is more than just black metal, it is a throat ripping symphony, dedicated to the evisceration of children and removal of extremities. Prepare yourselves my brethren for the black metal holocaust, this is a reissue that you need to buy, it captures the beauty of all we love about the genre, so dig in, and fall in love.

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