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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Temperance is a female fronted symphonic metal band, yet, they are not just another in the horde. This female fronted symphonic metal band was the kid who beat up all of the other kids on the playground at school and then talked the teacher . What makes me say that? Simply the crushing and destructive riffs, abrasive growls, and charming mixtures of male and female vocals. These Italians have gone out and created something much more exciting and dynamic than their peers are capable of and it is allowing them to soar high and mighty.

From the first track you know that Temperance are something different, and their unique, destructive vibe is hard to keep up, they certainly drop it at times. But when the band really comes out and lays down a huge riff with a tight chorus, you know they are special. They don't mess with things like polished growls, no, there is a harsh beauty here that reflects the brutality of a world made of hate. As previously mentioned though, these are spiced up with a really well done mix of male and female vocals, while the growls are only peripheral this is a main aspect to the sound. The mixture keeps the record interesting and fresh, the sort of dynamic not many other bands choose to play with.

In other words Temperance are not a band who play by the rules, nor are they especially predictable, and as I go through the record, I get the sense that they kind of revel in it. Temperance are bringing something new to the table, but they have to be careful with this gift, when they fall into generic formulas things get boring fast. Yet they have shown a lot more potential than most others on the scene and I'm willing to give them a shot. Prepare yourselves though, these guys just might surprise you, unapologetic and heavy, I'm curious to hear how they develop in coming years!

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