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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Voice of Ruin-Morning Wood

Nifty myth inspired cover art? Check. First words of the album are "Party Hard"? Check. Lots of songs about hedonism and general debauchery? Check. And last but not least, stellar riffs that will impress even a hardened death metal enthusiast? Check, check and check again! Voices of Ruin are one of the most gutsy death metal bands I've gotten to review in a while with a sound that is often hyper melodic, super fast, and littered with songs like "Big Dick" and "Cock'n Bulls". These guys bring hedonism to a traditionally non-sexualized genre and by Freyja is it good.

Stylistically it's hard to place where exactly Voice of Ruin is coming from with Morning Wood (Yes, the album title should make you giggle). It's the sort of unique neo thrash (Or hyper thrash, whatever you want to call it) that is rapidly rising in popularity, but is still hard to truly pinpoint. These guys are almost a more melodic version of the thrashers in Hammercult. But even that wouldn't do Voice of Ruin justice, beyond their party hearty lyrics there is oodles of stellar musicianship showing that these guys really know what they are doing. There is a distinct appeal to the harsh "Horny farmer metal" that this band brings forth, the kind of thing you can't quite place your finger on, but you know you like.

In closing, Morning Wood is certainly an album to be reckoned with to say the least. Not a lot of bands bring all of these innovative ideas to the table and distill them into something easily digestible upon first listen. Filled with unique twists and turns (like the occasional tasteful touches of clean vocals) and flashy solos, Morning Wood is simply fun to listen to! These guys could very well transcend death metal, simply because they bring in so much more and make their music that much more easy to engage with and enjoyable. About to embark on a tour with The Black Dahlia Murder I could see big things happening for these Swiss metallers.

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