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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chasing Dragons-Checkmate

Now, I don't like a lot of modern metal, and that's because I find a lot of it generic and tasteless. I also don't like a lot of female fronted metal because its over sexualized and often just an excuse to make bad music. Yet when you combine the two into something exciting and new, you find something that speaks to the masses in a way that few other bands do. Chasing Dragons are bringing forth new ideas with a wonderful understanding of what metal should be about. Highly polished and a lot of fun to listen to, their new EP Checkmate is most triumphant.

What makes it so good though? What makes Checkmate the kind of album that restores my faith in mainstream metal? Well on one level its simply the high quality of the songwriting. Chasing Dragons understand what it is to put out some top notch material and really engage their listeners. Be it in anthemic choruses or pumping guitar riffs, this is a band who understand heavy metal as an art form and have a sufficiently friendly sound that they could bring it to a much broader audience. On top of that, the bands frontwoman can really belt it, she has a roaring set of pipes, perhaps the best example being the huge wails on tracks like The Last Defence.

So I am left with little more to say, other than that Chasing Dragons understand the raw and beautiful spirit of metal and seek to harness it in an exciting new way. How many other modern bands can claim to really do that and do that well? They combine some tried and true ideas into something fresh, giving us a tasty little 22 minute EP to keep fans into the band. These guys have a clear passion for their art, knowing what they want to do and how to do, what more can you ask for? Come on in, feel the groove, Chasing Dragons bring the party, and they bring it hard!

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