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Monday, May 26, 2014

Mallory-Honey Moon

Loud groovy rock and roll, that's a great way to kick off the day, I would know because that's what Mallory bring to the table, the sort of pumping, virile madness that captures the heart and holds heshers like you and me in thrall. Another great rock record to grace our eardrums in 2014, Mallory seem to have figured out what they want to do, how to do it, and how to best bring it to the people. Their is a distinct magic about Mallory, a sort of heaviness that permeates Honey Moon, it sounds very 2014, but the topics dealt with are simply timeless.

Even from the first track the heavy grooves Honey Moon catch your ears with a powerful bass thump. These guys are also superior songwriters, there sense of how to construct pieces that seem to just reflect the pure truth and beauty of rock and roll is impressive. See, that's what Mallory have that not a lot of other groups really get at these days, a sort of... comprehension of what rock music is all about. This sets them up as veritable masters of their craft, golden gods who will not be put down, not by the man, not by the people, no one, they will just turn up and continue to belt out the truth. How many other bands have that sort of beautiful honesty behind them?

So maybe I got a little bit out there with this review, what can I say, I'm a little hung over. But that's not the point, Mallory are capable of touching the heart with a distinct and timeless passion. This is not a band who you are going to forget in a few weeks, no, they've a very clear dedication to their music that you feel when you listen to their work. You get a sense for the immense travail that went into the crafting of Honey Moon. This is the sort of rock music the world needs more of and if you like stuff with haunting vocals, crushing riffs and top notch bass playing, then this is the album for you!

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