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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Nemost-As The Ocean Burns

Nemost is a French melodic death band who bring in a lot of interesting elements to their sound to make for a record that has a lot of unique concepts I might never have thought of seeing in a melodic death metal context. Be it the artistic use of occasional cleans, the powerful moments of black metal mastery, or simply the jazz oriented solos, Nemost have been able to filter a variety of genres and ideas through a melodic death metal context to get something fun, powerful, and at times even enlightening. This is the kind of melodic death metal that captures the heart.

See, with their new record As The Ocean Burns Nemost are bringing in ideas and riffs into play that many might not initially place in a melodeath band. Yet, they seem to have a gift for songwriting that this unique hodgepodge of riffs can come together to form something unique. It makes for a band who can be compared to classic era In Flames, but also Dimmu Borgir and even Opeth or Anathema. A lot of different atmospheres and moods are captures with As The Ocean Burns and it really lets this band stand out. Not a lot of melodic death metal is as exciting and willing to change forms as Nemost is, and this gives them an edge over the competition.

Capturing the incredible shifting nature of the Nemost sound in a review limited to only a few hundred words is frankly impossible. Nevertheless, let it be known that these guys have some of the most promising ideas in the world of melodic death metal. While some say the genre is played out, I think that we are at the beginning of a new renaissance, one that will be pushed forward by young innovators like these guys. They have a unique sound and are not afraid to flaunt it. So come on in and smell the glove, As The Ocean Burns could be the future of melodeath.

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