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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Moth, Belzebong and Conan at Glazart

Another night, another great evening with Stoned Gatherings, once again I am leaned over my puke bowl, although this time not from alcohol but actually because I'm ill. (Surprising I know) I got to see three great heavy and groovy stoner and doom metal bands, the sort of groups that capture your heart and inundate you with sound. After a pair of great interviews with Beelzebong and Conan, all of whom turned out to be great dudes, it was time to get down to some shows and feel the heavy metal madness take over our feeble human hearts.

The Moth were up first, now, I didn't really know a lot about this band, I've spun one of their records, but never really gotten into them. Let's just say that this was a glorious introduction. I love their musical style, especially the way they mix male and female vocals with growls. When they have multiple vocalists going at once it just adds to the fun. As a side note, I really dug the bassists boots, she has a wonderful sense of style. Overall though, The Moth were a blast to see and I can't wait to get a chance to go out and party with them again. They bring a memorable set and their crushing grooves will keep your mind in a trance for the duration of their playing time.

Belzebong were up next, playing through a haze of green smoke and gloriously heavy riffs. The Black Sabbath vibe is strong within this band, and they know it. The way they crush forward though, that is something to be reckoned with. Belzebong slowly bring your soul to a halt, your entire sense of time is stopped. Suddenly all that matters is the almighty riff, drenched in pot-stench (Though I did not partake) and bone rattling drumming. These guys are truly special, they get what stoner doom should be about and bring it to the people in the loudest most incredibly natural and empathetic way possible, Belzebong is certainly a band to watch.

Conan were the final band to play and delivered a stunning hour long set list that included all of their new record Blood Eagle as well as a few select old classics, including a rarity or two. They put on a great show. What especially marked me was their guitarist/vocalist John, not only did he bring out some huge power chord based riffs, but his entire vocal style is impressive. See, he has these huge primal yells that provide a sort of overarching triumph to the music, speaking to the beauty of a band who grasp the all consuming magic of doom, a band who will never give in, no matter what the circumstance, because they have touched on true heavy metal enlightenment.

All in all, this was another evening that once again proved, Stoned Gatherings put on some of the best heavy shows in Paris. Organization was perfect and the night fun, every band brought their A game and I think that really allowed us the fans to have a rocking time. It was impressive, after their respective shows, nearly every band came back and told me how great the audience was and Belzebong said this crowd was among one of the best they had ever played too! Suffice to say, we all partied hard, and as we left knew we had been the witnesses of something special, doom metal redemption.

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