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Monday, June 30, 2014

Dawn Of A Dark Age

The Six Elements, vol.1 EARTH cover art

Woods of Desolation have been blowing everybody's minds lately with their unique brand of black metal tinged with sorrowful melody, but perhaps its Dawn Of A Dark Age we should all be paying attention to. Not only is there work hyper fast, it also features some very strange and otherworldly structures that leave the listener feeling as if they have seen the other side. Dawn Of A Dark Age have no real limits per say, and their new record The Six Elements Volume I: Earth is prof of that. Be it in the mournful solo on The Last Prayer or the hyper speed riffs that give the sound its backbone, Dawn Of A Dark Age can do it all. So is this a band who you should be spinning regularly? Yes. The duo have some very exciting ideas and do a great job of bringing in melodies (Especially  folksier ones) into their own unique brand of frostbitten black metal. Dawn Of A Dark Age make for a strangely addictive listen and I think with just a bit more exposure and a bit more development on the melodic content (Certain melodies fall a bit flat) the band can reign high above their peers.

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