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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Ethereal EP cover art

Here I sit, on the edge of my bed, suffering through a hangover I probably do deserve. So Deathwhites latest release, the mysterious and vaguely triumphant Ethereal suddenly has a much greater meaning for me. A doomy take on the melodic metal genre, Deathwhite have a truly exciting sound filled with unique twists and turns that will leave many a fan struggling to figure out what to make of the strange new reality the group has crafted. This EP features six top notch compositions that span genres and capture the heart, bringing us to a new and quite unique world.

The distinctive vibe that makes Deathwhite so darn appealing is probably due to the monolithic wall of sound that they maintain throughout. Penetrating the undulating waves of doom metal madness is oftentimes insane, and requires more than a few listens. The way the pieces are structure with lush acoustic passages being contrasted against harsh moments of primitive black metal-esque brutality it's easy to see whats to love about Ethereal. The atmosphere stays very much the same, even if the implementation of the riffs is different with each song. You see, Deathwhite have a very clear personal flavor, and this flavor allows them to stand strong, heavy metal innovators who seek new life.

In conclusion, Ethereal is the sort of EP that makes me desperate to check out more from Deathwhite, and so I'm elated too see they have another release A Burden To Carry out on their bandcamp page. As for now, I am simply going to fall back into the deep dark hole that Deathwhite have crafted for us, sure it may take a little getting used too, but once you really get into it, the brutal truth which the band reveals is strangely satisfying. Open your heart and find the void, what more can you do in a world that so many say God has forgot?

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