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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Iron Man-The Passage

A few days ago I reviewed Iron Man's Generation Void and was impressed by the grim occult vibe of the record. Well now I have the sequel on my iPod to review, another release that will be put to vinyl by the good men down at Shadow Kingdom Records. This is the sort of doomy rock and roll madness that punters like me can only do with more of. A release that came in 1994, five years before Generation Void, The Passage starts to unveil wear some of the power behind this wholly impressive metal act came, power that would ultimately lead to an incredible rock and roll explosion.

Throughout this record, the first thing that really catches me is the high quality of the riffs. Iron Man's guitarists have always had this ability to create the sort of attack that you just lose yourself in. The apocalyptic vibe found on Generation Void is also fairly present here. One great example of this is in the fabulous riffing of Waiting For Tomorrow which features some rather terrifying Black Sabbath inspired lyrics. As you fall into the grooves of The Passage it becomes clear that these guys are some of the most gifted songwriters on the Baltimore scene. Their precise and refined attack allows this band to stand strong, masters of their own reality.

It seems that now Iron Man may starting to be getting the recognition they so justly deserve. With these vinyl prints they are also going on a slew of dates opening for bands like Trouble and Eyehategod, it's evidence that in the long run, doom always pays off. The Passage represents a key moment in time for Iron Man, when they left behind their initial shackles and started to become the doom lords they were meant to be. Join them and prepare to be dragged into the pit. Iron Man know how to make doom metal, and by Odin is it good.

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