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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kalidia-Lies' Device

Kalidia are a rather distinct female fronted power metal band. Rather than going the common Nightwish route they actually have a much more Midnattsol type feel, placing a special emphasis on epic and melodic folk metal passages that prove the might of a band destined to breathe new life into what is very much a dull and stagnant scene. There are poignant grooves here and Kalidia have a great understanding not just of riffs but also where they stand in the scene, this gives them a very clear vibe that will do them good in the future as pioneering folk metal masters.

Part of what appeals to me so much about Kalidia is their use of bombastic keyboards in songs like Reign of Kalidia. It gives the band a very epic metal  style feel to them that certainly appeals to a jaded old Ensiferum fan like me. The vocal lines are really well done, I especially like the layered approach in tracks such as Hiding from the Sun, it really helps to keep things fun and engaging, adding a touch of pop into the attack. The guitar parts are excellent, not only are the riffs punchy, the solos are remarkably well executed. It gives a great rock and roll element to Lies' Device further broadening the appeal of what can essentially be described as a folk metal band.

So open your ears and heart, this is the sort of power metal the world needs more of, stuff from bands who can hold their own musically and really understand what they are trying to do. Kalidia have a distinct feel and this is going to let them capture the hearts of thousands. This is not a band to be trifled with, their is a real depth to the sound on Lies' Device proving the group are ready to come out and take over the world. If you want a refreshing touch of folk derived power metal then this is the band for you, a group who understand the genre and could very well save our souls.

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