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Friday, June 13, 2014

Scamp-The Deadcalm

Technical death metal tinged with modern metal, well that's certainly a combination worth a listen! Scamp pull off this fairly unique mix with aplomb, bringing in touches from a variety of subgenres into their spiralling techdeath attack. Asides from being stellar musicians all around, Scamp have managed to very quickly develop their own sound, allowing these Denmark destroyers the opportunity to come out and rage with the best of them. These guys have a groovy and intricate attack, and once you start listening to their new record The Deadcalm there is no stopping.

Part of the appeal of Scamp for me is the bands ability to unleash breakneck grooves on the listener. Yet, this is not just a product of speed, but also tight songwriting, creating riffs that you can really get in too. This skill is shown off fairly early, with a memorable and engaging riff found throughout tracks like Existence Status Zero. The delivery of the vocals is tight and angry. While at times there is an almost rap-like feel, the unbridled aggression of some of the screams is great. While yes, Scamp do add in a clean part or two these mostly take the form of animalistic cries, and add to the wonderfully layered nature of the production. Admittedly, the fully clean vocal passages do take away from the music a bit, but I am sure as Scamp develop they will learn to integrate these better or simply do away with them.

These guys have been around for six years, and it seems like they are starting to really get stuff done. Their sound is distinct and interesting, as they build up they will only get better. As for now they are getting heads to bang across Denmark with a bone rattling sound that often overwhelms the listener. Oftentimes atmospheric in its simply epic 'wall of sound' style production The Deadcalm draws you in then slits your throat. But, really what I am trying to say is that this is the kind of death metal record that represents where we are at, for better or for worse in 2014.

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