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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alestorm-Sunset on the Golden Age

Alestorm was one of the first metal bands I got in too. I recall being fourteen and hearing their first two records and getting pumped for the third. When the third did come out, I wrote a review which I then sent to the bands frontman Chris, and he responded, thanking me for my kind words. That was one of those strange defining moments that made me realize this blog was going to end up being my livelihood (And now it more or less is) So, when I say the pirates are back and better than ever, it's kind of a big deal, Alestorm are legends in their own lifetimes, and Sunset on the Golden Age is in fact a brave new dawn.

See, Alestorm have come across something magical, sure they're not the first song to create outrageous folk metal party tracks like Drink, but they are the first to be able to hit a mass market with it. There is something distinctly glorious about being a heavy metal pirate. This record sees the band pushing themselves pretty far stylistically though, the track Hangover has a modern pop feel (not that it's bad, just very different) and Sunset on the Golden Age is the bands longest effort yet. That being said, there are also bits on tracks like Wooden Leg where the group gets more death metal, or even grindcore than ever before. Alestorm is growing, but they are not giving up on the silliness and the hooks that make their sound so enjoyable.

In short, Sunset on the Golden Age is proof that despite everything, Alestorm will triumph. Through the fire and the flames, Gloryhammer and all, this is the band who will reign triumphant over metalheads hearts for years to come. Alestorm get what the fans want and they deliver, but it's always interesting and exciting because sure these guys come off as alcoholic partiers (And to some degree they are) but they're also incredible musicians who understand how to create albums that engage and excite the listener. It's comforting to know that in 2014 you can make your living as a pirate, and it reminds us all, heavy metal will never die.

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