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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Protestant-In Thy Name

It's funny how a mere 31 minutes of music can tear your mind apart. Although, to be honest, Protestant don't even need 31 minutes. There new record In Thy Name immediately tears your body apart from the opening blasts of Vulture, a black metal fringed punk track that cracks skulls and grind bones to dust. The roaring hardcore power of these songs is more than I can take at times, and the way that Protestant fly screaming into every single one of these songs is something to be reckoned with. These are punk stalwarts who can not be stopped.

Thunder shakes my house, yet I type on, their is a sort of rabid dedication that is seemingly foisted upon you when listening to the music of Protestant, as if there is not rational escape from a band who have a license to hate. In Thy Name may be blast happy, but there is definitely something more intelligent going on here. In between the rabid attack you can start to pick apart vocal lines that speak to the human condition. The seemingly tortured quality of a lot of the vocals adds to this power. When you bring in speedy solos to accompany the madness you have a band who succeed in bringing an incredible amount of sound straight to the listener in a very short period.

The band slows backdown and you have a minute to reflect. These laid back bridges (not breakdowns) seem to give you a moment to gather yourself before the double barrelled attack of Protestant comes back down upon your head. Protestant have been around for a decade now, and it seems like they are finally at a place where there sound can flourish. Not a lot of groups have the guys to engage in the same level of madness as they do. Let the noise tear your organs out and watch the band eat them, what use do you have for them anyway?

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