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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Beneath the Cemetery cover art

Four songs into their career, Coffinborn are off to a great start. Their crunchy and distinctly evil brand of death metal slaughter is the kind of thing that immediately strikes you below the belt, leaving you doubled over, in awe of the primal heaviness of a band who get the wonderfully destructive and violent nature of the genre. The distinctive trudge of Coffinborn leaves the band at a distinct advantage over their peers, though their sound is clearly old school it's still a blast to listen too. The growls here are deliciously primal, it leaves you with a hefty bottom end that is easy to underestimate. The speed of these songs is also impressive, for example when the speedy blast beats kick in on Putrid Stench of Death you start to get a sense for the glorious and destructive nature of the Coffinborn sound. The way they contrast fast and slow is simply a joy to listen too, and leaves me in awe of their new EP, Beneath the Cemetery.

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