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Friday, August 1, 2014


Cowell is the kind of twisted black metal sorcery that reminds me why I love the genre so much. See, these guys not only have the sick production and vile riffs of many of their peers, they also are unafraid to bring in soulful guitar solos and tasty melodic lines into their music. There are some wonderful death metal tinted grooves here that stray just far enough from the path as to attract slightly more mainstream metallers without alienating black metal warriors. The band has a wonderful sense of song construction, it helps to support some of their more Darkthrone inspired passages and keep the music interesting and exciting. Their new split Ex Nihilo Nihil with Die Liebe ist Tot shows the band reaching new heights, broadcasting themselves from every valley, a message of blood, fire, and hate. It's easy to revel in the wonderful darkness of the band. These guys understand the truly screwed up nature of black metal and use it to communicate a message that hopefully will make you stroner and prouder. Join in the ritual and watch it take over your soul!

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