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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dead Season

Dusting The Rust cover art

It's been a while since I've covered a French metal band, much less one who I'm not friends with. So it's rather interesting for me to go back to the music of my homeland and feel the shockingly brutal vibes coming from Dead Season, a thrash metal band who mosh, rage, and simply bring forth an incredible level of raw heavy metal fury. Dead Season have a great sense of groove, it pushes their songs forward and gives their new record Dusting The Rust a very distinct vibe. Yet the band is not afraid to get into slightly creepier or stranger passages. There are occasional experimental parts, they come early on too, the first song of Dusting The Rust actually features a bridge with some rather disturbing vocal samples. The atmospheric moment found in this bands music only serve to make it deeper and provide a stunning contrast to the thrash metal attack of many of these tracks. Simply put, Dead Season have a very clear artistic direction, and while it hasn't fully matured, it's certainly pretty interesting to check out. These guys are rapidly evolving, and I think their dedication to an innovative sound will allow them to triumph.

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