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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Eternal Endeavour

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Well it happened, I'm finally moved into college, and so I'm leaning back on an old crutch, reviewing cool English hard rock bands. The latest in this proud traditions is Eternal Endeavour, a band with great riffs and towering symphonic moments. Their new EP Out of Ashes is the kind of thing which stands as a veritable testament to the power of rock and roll. As is, the singer still seems to be working out some issues, but frankly, that only really adds to the magic, it creates a very raw and young vibe that not a lot of comparable bands have. As he improves the band might be able to gain even more ferocity, allowing the epic parts to truly soar and the faster moments to bite with the might of a tiger. The songwriting on this record is tight and fun to dig into. I feel like a few more hard hitting riffs might keep things fresh though. All in all, Eternal Endeavour is the kind of thing that is going to stand as a proud beginning to what could be a great career. As the band tighten their sound and find their path, Eternal Endeavour may be prone to do great things.

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