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Monday, August 18, 2014


In the modern realm of black metal bands  we see the likes of Agalloch and Wolves in the Throne Room standing tall. Yet you know what these bands, and groups in their ilk lack? That elusive feminine touch. Myrkur is here to change that, a one-woman black metal band that combines beautiful sections with lush production and clean vocals with harsh blasted parts reminiscent of Darkthrone, Myrkur is one of the most exciting black metal acts to come out of Scandinavia in years. In a world full of acts that are kvlter-than-thou Myrkur is one of the most majestic and mysterious.

The music of Myrkur is incredibly grand, its hard to wrap your head around the epic soundscapes of these tracks, the way that they are layered and given unique structures means that its hard to fully come to terms with the glory within. Myrkur is not for the faint of heart, the crunchy guitar tones and perfect production allows for interesting contrasts. On the one hand you have multi-layered vocal parts, on the other, grim black metal tones with simplistic riffs that create a mesmerizing effect. Falling into the strange world that is painted on Myrkur is far too easy, and more than once listening to this album I became afraid that I might never find my way back out.

Myrkur is full of memorable riffs, something that is hard to say about black metal records, especially in 2014. There is a certain wonderfully atavistic power to the music, as if this woman has lain herself bare against the forces of her heritage in an effort to better understand herself. Myrkur's sound is constantly shifting, immaculate in its conception, the perfect balance of dark and light. In other words, this band may become my next obsession, it's simply that good. Few bands capture this sense of chaos within order and vice versa as well as Myrkur do, and because of that, this record shall triumph.

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