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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Winter Gate-DisIllumination

Winter Gate are doing something different. If nothing else, that should get you interested in their sound right off the bat. They are crafting unique progressive death metal that has all sorts of clear melodic content and interesting riffs. These guys are writing their own rules, fusing old school ideas with modern day progressive mastery to get something which changes gears frequently and is hard to get a firm grasp on. Nevertheless, their is a certain magic to their twin ten minute plus death metal epics, A Wreath of Mist and Death's Embrace which allow their DisIllumination EP to reign triumphant.

It's easy to get lost in this record, there is a strange beauty to the music, Winter Gate have clearly put a lot of work into crafting these songs into masterpieces. Part of the triumph of this record is that it feels like it brings you full circle, from the piano intro of Beyond the Light to the surprisingly gentle outro of Death's Embrace. I find there to be a certain powerful and very human element to the growls too. They provide a wonderful breadth to an incredible attack, one that starts off with the opening bars of A Wreath of Mist and ebbs and flows throughout. DisIllumination features a lot of tasty guitar lines that keep you engaged throughout, simply proving the eternal might of this album.

Sick grooves asides, Winter Gate are great because they are bringing death metal to a corner of India that often lacks it. These Jaipur natives have years of experience behind them so their groundbreaking and very exciting sound should come as no surprise. Stepping into the epic soundscapes crafted by these master musicians is simply a pleasure. Make no mistake, DisIllumination is a beast of a record from a band who have a very clear artistic direction. I think if they continue to emphasize their more unique riffs and stunning grooves, these guys will rise as masters of the burgeoning Indian scene.

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