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Monday, September 22, 2014

Dirty Sound Magnet-The Bloop

Twenty three minutes of groovy, slightly occult rock with some great production and a wonderful sense of dynamics. That's what you're digging in to when you find yourself in the mysterious soundscapes of Dirty Sound Magnet. I've covered this band in the past, and was fairly impressed, but now I feel as if they have achieved a new frontier, masters of a new reality. Songs like 21st Century Witch and Chocolate Woman guide you through a world of big choruses and excellent songwriting. This is what rock music is supposed to sound like.

Despite the touches of grandeur and occasionally twisted vibe of many of these songs, Dirty Sound Magnet are still distinctly human. The vocal lines speak to very basic human emotions and go beyond the speakers and into the heart. Part of the beauty of this EP is that every song is very distinct and allows the band to experiment with something exciting and new. As you progress through the CD you will be exposed to a range of emotions, yet somehow despite it all, everything seems linked together. Simply put, the songwriting is magnificent and this permits the band to get at certain topics in ways that many of their peers simply can not.

As the group eases into the albums final track, Strike Me (Hate Yourself) you start to get a sense of the surprising beauty of the group. They have pulled back the curtain and revealed a world that many of us ignore. The crunchy guitars and brilliantly produced drums will draw you into the music, latching on to that heartbeat that is the bass guitar. Let yourself let go and feel the unorthodox, yet strangely natural feeling vibes of Dirty Sound Magnet. These guys understand something important about the fundamental nature of humanity and listening to The Bloop is a balm for the lost soul.

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