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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mirrelia - The Actor

Seeing a band with a refreshing take on another stale scene gives me hope that the fusion genres of underground music today are not doomed to failure.  Toronto-based Mirrelia have stepped up to the hypothetical plate to undertake the revival of Post-Hardcore with their three-track EP, The Actor.  And thank God they have, because boy, did this album surprise me.

There's a definitive set of influences here that all come together in an interesting amalgamation that makes the corner of your mouth curl up into a smile unconsciously every so often.  Protest The Hero will peak their head through occasionally with some technical solos and riffing (not to mention that guitar tone) only to be overtaken by fast moving hardcore riffs a moment later.  The clean vocal style is also akin to Protest The Hero but maintains a welcome alternation with raw, harsh vocals (not to mention a beautiful and breathtaking female guest appearance on Six Over Seven).  Thankfully, the similarity with PTH ends with drawing influence.  Mirrelia don't meander through long and unnecessary instrumental passages that have no influence on the scope of the album as a whole and instead show off their musical proficiency in small bursts to capture the listener's attention and hold it with impressive vocal delivery.

I would not say I've really heard too much Experimental Post-Hardcore that truly captures the essence of experimentation.  My exposure is sort of limited, as I feel the genre of Post-Hardcore encompasses a vast swath of musical influences that cannot easily fit into that one label (which is both its greatest strength and its greatest weakness).  Mirrelia happen to fall into the "greatest strength" category of Post-Hardcore, providing a short, succinct EP that delivers satisfying primal energy and groove coupled with celestial moments of calm.

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