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Monday, October 20, 2014


Russian folk metal that mixes female vocals with powerful growls, melodic violin lines with black metal riffs and darkness with light, Anabioz are the kind of band who get it. At it's core, Anabioz understand what true folk metal is supposed to be about, honoring our pagan ancestors and reminding us of the glory of blood. With lyrics in both English and Russian these guys are consistently interesting to listen too. Their new record There The Sun Falls is nine tracks of intricately composed and very unique folk metal. While they use all the traditional tenets of folk metal they don't sound generic. They do a good job of avoiding the 'white woman wailing' trope and place a strong emphasis on the mighty growls. They know what they want out of the crowd too, songs like Dance Dance prove that though Anabioz may be a serious band they know how to have fun. Anabioz are doing something special, and the world needs more folk metal. Hail their powerful songwriting and let it wash over you, this is folk metal at its finest.

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