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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Black Svan-16 Minutes

I don't really like the whole 'modern metal' schtick, but I can certainly recognize when it's been well done. I'm happy to report that the latest release from Irish metallers Black Svan, 16 Minutes is indeed, very well done. With rich production and powerful vocal and guitar melodies, these guys prove that, if nothing else, they know how to write a tight song. The ten tracks on this album are all wonderfully constructed and stand as testaments to the enduring power of heavy metal, regardless of form. These guys have a clear artistic vision and it allows their sound to prosper.

One of the things that I admire the most about 16 Minutes is the bands capability to generate some wonderfully chuggy riffs. For example, the intro riff to Bleed Me Dry could easily fit on a Carcass record. The choruses on this record are big and oftentimes rather epic, a bit reminiscent of Volbeat. The mix of harsh (But not growled) vocals with more open cleans is tastefully done. It allows for moments of shining light to contrast the relative darkness of the heavier moments. This is a heavy metal record for people who want a bit of everything and can't quite decide where they want to go. Groovy and fun, Black Svan certainly won't disappoint the traditional metaller.

As you let yourself fall into the familiar chug of these tracks, be careful, they can explode without warning. Black Svan know exactly what they are doing and 16 Minutes is clearly the product of many hours of hard work and thought. Perhaps the greatest disappointment is that the records title track is not in fact 16 minutes long. As is though, if you want something modern, fun, and catchy then this is the record for you. It brings forth a variety of interesting and exciting ideas, and it will leave you satisfied, reveling in the power of modern metal madness.

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