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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Decade and Inter Arma in Philadelphia

Another night, another house show, this time in perhaps the sketchiest neighborhood I've visited yet. But that didn't keep it from being an awesome time for everyone involved. This is the kind of house show that speaks to the magic of the scene, loud and brash music from the crypt, meant to stay underground. With an opener that didn't at all seem to reflect the headliner (although both were good bands) this was another wonderful evening spent with my growing crop of Philadelphia metal buddies. Decade and Inter Arma both put on a great show, and on a rainy night like this, what more could you want?

Now, I had never previously heard of Decade, but funnily enough, I had seen their guitarists other band, Backslider, just a few days before. They play an interesting brand of new wave meets psych rock that you don't easily forget. Their set is transcendent and strange using electronic instruments to accentuate the vocals, bass, and guitar. In some ways, especially with the keyboardists strange stage persona, they remind me of Kraftwerk. The bands vocalist who seems to be a petite college girl is a master of ethereal wails that kind of give the entire sound a bizarre and beautiful twist. These guys have a very unique sound and I hope to see them again and delve deeper into it.

Then it was time for Inter Arma, oh Lord, Inter Arma. Now THIS is a band who know how to put on a show, regardless of venue, be it a large hall like the first time I saw them, or a tiny basement like tonight. They grooved and rocked from top to bottom and added far more improvisation than I have ever seen them do before. In particular the track Survival Fires was treated to a beautiful re-imagining as it soared out onto the crowd. And as always, Mike was wonderfully insane, his eyes bulging and throat roaring to achieve a triumphant effect, proving Inter Arma may be the doom metal band who carry us to nirvana.

Asides from a nailbiter of a ride home, I have to say, the evening went extremely well. Decade made a really good impression on me, their sound is truly innovative and unique. Sure, I get what some of their influences might be, but I love the way they are crafting their own path. As for Inter Arma, they put on a truly unique show, and the amount of improvisation and the extremely intimate venue made for a concert that I think no one in tonights' audience will soon forget. Now I can only twiddle my thumbs and wait for the next great doom adventure.

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