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Friday, October 3, 2014

Misericordia-Throne of Existence

Throne of Existence cover art

It's rare that I find a black metal record these days that is simply wholly satisfying and that represents absolutely everything I want a trve black metal record to be. Yet with Throne of Existence Misericordia deliver exactly that, playing Immortal inspired black metal at a million miles an hour. There is something beautiful and almost meditative about this band and their new record. It's the kind of thing that pulls you in and then holds you in thrall, perpetually in awe of the excellent song structures and tight knit riffs.

The blazing attack of songs like Abandoned/Unhallowed is essentially what defines the record. Dubbed "Dechristianizing black metal" Misericordia prove themselves to be masters of their craft who know how to write strong tunes. Their is also a certain maturity to this band, seeing as they've been doing this since 1998 it sort of makes sense. It gives the band a sense of credibility and when the solos kick in, it reflects the careers of musicians who have been making this unholy music for parts of three decades. A final note, the production on Throne of Existence is absolutely top notch, the growls have a perfect place in the mix and the guitars sound great. This is the second wave of black metal at it's finest.

As the atavistic threnody of these songs winds its way into your heart you start to get a sense for the true grandeur of this band. They are doing something exciting and innovative that isn't going to let itself be forgotten. Misericordia are not going to rip your head off, but rather tear apart your flesh, piece by piece. These guys know exactly what they want to do and exactly how to do it and they know it. Throne of Existence is a veritable black metal masterwork, so let your mind start to boil and enter the dark kingdom.

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