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Monday, October 6, 2014


Another day, another splitting headache, but perhaps more importantly, another review. Nachtblut are a genuinely interesting group from Germany who have a sound they bill 'dark metal'. What they seem to mean by this is a unique fusion of folk metal, black metal, and touches of other traditionally Nordic metal genres. Featuring spectacular production and a cool sense of continuity throughout it's easy to get lost in the mysterious waves that make up the Nachtblut sound. Make no mistake, Chimonas is a triumph and will keep you listening for days.

The keyboard lines on this record are perhaps my favorite part. Although they don't always dominate they add a lot of depth and keep things interesting and exciting. One of the best examples of this is in the song Dort wo die Krahen im Kriese fliegen which features a very simple, but powerful piano line throughout the song. The growls are spot on too, they have just the right mix of demented metal madness with folk metal mastery. The rest of the band comes together to provide a solid backing for this sonic palate to base itself off of. The sounds of Chimonas are layered and exciting and, simply put, hard to get away from.

I think that in essence what draws me to Chimonas is that this record has it all, be it heavy mosh riffs, black metal meditations, or jig pit inciting tracks. The guys behind this record are all stellar musicians and there's some truly great songwriting featured on this album. Chimonas manages to capture a variety of emotions through its ten song duration and it's hard not to want to spin it again right after finish it. Despite the crushing brutality of this headache and the dull reality that faces me tomorrow morning, I know this, Nachtblut give me hope for a brand new day.

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