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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Broughton's Rules - Anechoic Horizon

For something to be 'Anechoic' means for it to be free of echo, for a note to be played without resonating back. So the idea of having an Anechoic Horizon might seem interesting, this idea that there are no echoes coming back, ever. It creates a sense of melancholy that I feel is very much reflected in the riffs of Broughton's Rules, if they can even be called riffs. This post rock group is creating something wonderfully sad, and morose, touching on the human condition in a way that few of their peers can, and they're doing it all without vocals.

I think that what makes Anechoic Horizon so gosh darned interesting is the magic of the soundscapes the band creates. They hardly conform to normal ideas of what music is, or what music should be. Instead they kind of pulse, slowly rising into something greater and more terrible, wholly enjoyable melancholic despair for the masses. Despite the minor key melodies and slow tempos that dominate Anechoic Horizon this record will hardly put you to sleep. Instead it lulls you into a dream like state where you are forced to sit and desperately anticipate the next move. Three or four spins into this record and I'm still finding strange new elements that I had never even anticipated hearing.

Delving into Anechoic Horizon is a truly wonderful musical journey, there are so many exciting twists and turns to explore. As this record develops you find yourself in a strange new world, and the first thing you want to do is to delve into all of it. Broughton's Rules have all sorts of ideas that are touching on revolutionary. This is only the bands first record, but there is tons of unbridled potential and their sound is clearly defined. As the magic of this band is allowed to prosper I can foresee only good things happening for this band.

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